Chewing gum and teddy bears collide in a kaleidoscopic and disturbing school yard drama of a girl trying to fit in. Devoid of acceptance, Melissa's mind unravels...



Melissa   Charlotte McDougall

Hubba Bubbas   

Lauren Hunter

Olivia Easton

Keira Thomson

Dionne Cameron
Stephanie   Beth Paterson    

Mr Cunningham   Ian Watt
School girls   Jodie Moore, Eden Quine-Taylor, Eve Wengel, Hannah MacKay, Rachel Gilchrist, Lauren Laverne, Alana Stirling, Nicole McGill, Romini Daly, Catriona Gallagher, Macy McLean.

Written, directed and produced by 
Simone Smith 

Edited by 
Simone Smith 

David Lee

Assistant Camera 

Iain Hendo

William Topping

Blair Iain Boyd Kelly

Costume / Art Department 
Eloise Mineo-Briand

Sarah Elizabeth Bennie

Make-up / Hair
Alba Sofia

Production Assistants 
Antonia Bruce

Eric Guilian

Sound Recordist 
Jonathon McLoone
Alistair Biggar

Boom Operator 
Theo Wyzgowski

Sound Design 

Simone Smith 

David Glasgow

Visual Effects 

Simone Smith

David Meikle

Special Thanks 
To the kind supportive parents of our young cast, and Scotland Street Museum.



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